Why can’t I last longer in bed?


Every man out there wants to claim that they have the most extended romp sessions but the fact is that your five minutes is more like 42.5 seconds in reality. And she is not happy my man, no she is not pleased. In fact, our greatest fear is not coming too early as we all have done once or repeatedly, but to be a disappointment, so she regrets taking off her pants in your honor.

Why can’t I last longer in bed?

So every guy that is quietly struggling with PE must surely keep asking the question, why me? So here are some of the reasons why you might be coming way too soon. Are you perhaps even the source and cause of your PE troubles? Let’s take a closer look and see if we can find out what you’re doing wrong and find some answers to your premature ejaculation issues.

Who needs foreplay?


Dude, you mean to say you just literally dive in? Too bad you miss all the fun parts, and in the end, you still end up frustrated. Just take your time the next time, it will do her a world of good. You can get her places with just your finger or head, so when you are finally thrusting, which you can wait to do, she is already all warmed up for you and ready to come sooner.

And for those of us men who have something against foreplay, you should know that it’s actually the natural thing to do. I mean, you don’t just go entering places, you let her now you’re on your way and really prepare her while she anticipates that moment. Yeah sure, sometimes you and your partner can be so horny; your foreplay is like two seals dancing but that alright, getting your bodies hot is the whole point.

But what is PE and how soon is too early?

Don’t be like most guys who forget the definition of what they are struggling with, PE. Premature ejaculation is coming before when you would like to, so your PE is relative. If you come sooner than she did and you didn’t intend to, then it is PE, but if you really wanted to leave her hanging just one minute away from her moment, then it is not PE. The thing is if you can get her to come before you do, the end justifies the means. If you can find out how to last long during sex you know you’re onto a winner!

Do you do exercises to last longer in bed?

As with any other athletic performance, your sex track record can be improved at the gym or wherever as long as you do some specific exercises. By now you have probably heard of Kegels and a ton of other exercises that can help you last longer during sex. But do you care to do them? No. Because it is easier said than done.

I’m not going to stand here and judge you for not being able to persistently doing the pinching exercises at the office. Damn! Those suckers!  But then no pain, no gain! And if you want to do better in bed, there is no exception, no free passes; you have to work your PC muscle.

General body fitness by doing pelvic lifts, push-ups, groin stretches, abdominal crunches, reverse crunches, lunges, and bent over rows should help you gain better control of your body, get stronger for all sex positions and build endurance which is what most men lack.

In short, you realize that lasting longer in bed exercises take practice. And because nothing comes easy, one of the best ways to prepare and improve your stamina and experience may be to sweat some at the gym!

Are you unwilling to try artificial solutions for premature ejaculation?

Ok, you win; it would take an army to get you into a gym. Fine, there are some safe solutions for PE for lazy people like you and I. One of the simplest to try is a regular condom. The rubber will reduce the pleasure a notch and let you go for longer without being overwhelmed. Others include endurance condoms and those with desensitizing cream or local anesthetics like those found in lidocaine or benzocaine condoms. Have you tried some of these?

There are desensitizing creams that can numb your penis and help you go for longer. Most of these agents are safe for use and scary as it may seem they just wear out by themselves eventually, so there is no danger of losing feeling in your manhood forever. They may not be the best permanent fixes for the long term, but they can come in handy to help stop premature ejaculation.

Is PE a product of your thoughts?

Easy to say- it’s all in your head! If you’re the one that allows your sprinkler to come perhaps you just haven’t learned to master the art of controlling it. It might take some time, and you may never perfect the art, but that shouldn’t deter you from trying. In fact, no one is perfect. Even the best of men at dry cumming have lost their cool and came one moment too soon. That doesn’t make you any less of a man; it just means you should keep persevering to go for longer.

Do not try some of those weird tricks where you are supposed to ignore the pleasure and act as if you are not interested in the sex, which destroys your partner’s moods.

Final thoughts on why you can’t last longer during sex

Unless you are among the less that 2% of men that require corrective surgery to deal with premature ejaculation, you can definitely improve your staying power. I have found my solution in the simple things. I’m not saying its easy guys, I’m saying it is possible.

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