The Better Orgasm Diet

Hey guys, the saying you are what you could not have been coined better. Man, what a cliché, I know, right? Well, I did believe it at first but I now it now for sure. The better orgasm diet thing actually works. Well, it does not exactly supercharge you like Viagra, but it actually helps combat premature ejaculation from the roots up.

Can this diet help me last longer?

The good thing about the better orgasm diet is that you can be sure that you’re making healthier choices for your body so you can last longer in bed, remain healthy and happy and enjoy your sex life more. You know maybe it’s just me, but seriously, you should try this type of diet sometime.

You are about to discover your greatest climax in all of your big gushes but first, you have to hit the grocery store so here is a list of things you should pick up, all organic.

• Honey
• Vegies
• Nuts and seeds
• Grain
• Eggs
• Chocolate

Oh, wait a minute! But I already have those items in my kitchen and garden! But bro, just having them is not enough. You have actually to eat them for this diet to work. And not just eat them, you have to eat them right.

Honey will provide you with a rare mineral boron which replenishes testosterone hormone, which you need whether man or woman even though the name suggests otherwise, to promote sex drive.

Veggies and nuts all provide essential fatty acids that are broken down in your body to produce cholesterol. Whoa! Cholesterol! Omg! No cause for alarm, cholesterol is good. Ever tried getting it up and stay up after a full week on a non-fat diet? Cholesterol is actually the very foundation of all important sex hormones without which you will not be able to last longer in bed.
In addition to many other vitamins, many green leafy veggies like kales will provide you with the vital supply of zinc to guard against overproduction of the prolactin hormone which can cause sexual disorders.

Grains like an oatmeal add to your libido by directly incrementing your testosterone levels while eggs add to your vitamin B6 and B5 which help balance your hormones. Other foods like carrots spinach and peas can provide B6 as well.

Chocolate has the magical ability to get you in the mood, but that’s not all. It contains methylxanthines which help us feel every nerve impulse better. That plus the great taste and smell. It is truly one food you don’t wanna leave out of your love life.

In a nutshell, if you want to come better, eat better. Go organic for a change and eat whole foods and more stuff straight from the farm to your plate. You will find that you will have all the energy and endurance you need to sustain a lengthy romp session with happy endings for you and your partner. If there is a path to greater sexual satisfaction and beating premature ejaculation, then it surely begins right here, right now, with the better orgasm diet

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