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Do you blow your load too soon too often? Would you like to learn how to defeat the premature ejaculation demon forever without having to do some crazy shit? First of all, dude! You are not alone in this! About 30% of all men will not last long enough to get her to comes first as she should. A whopping 80% of all men have experience PE at some point in life, which is like all of us anyway.

So sometimes when I hang out with my cool buddies, we talk about how long we lasted the last time, and we laugh at how short the average of 1.5-7 minutes is but deep down we all know that amongst the five of us at least one of us is secretly suffering from this problem. It is no wonder the term “how to last longer in bed” is one of the most commonly searched terms on Google, Bing and the like.

My curiosity lead me to investigate this matter in depth after having a heated discussion with my buddies that left me with more questions than answers. And seeing as it is my nature to hate what I do not understand, I left no stone unturned in pursuit of answers as to what techniques or weird products actually help with PE. I quickly discovered, that there is stuff that won’t work (I tried this stuff out), there is stuff that sort of works but beats the purpose, and there is stuff that actually works and should work for most men too. There are a million sources with all these solutions. The question is what works and what doesn’t?

Stuff I Found Didn’t work For PE

Here are two most common pieces of advice that men will give you and swear by them and why they make no sense.

  • Ejaculating right before sex

Doing so will only ruin your sex experience. Some guys will not even be able to get it up again for a while and maintaining a full erection for a pleasurable experience for your woman may prove difficult. What’s more, there is no proven correlation between when you last came and how fast you blow your load.

  • Stop and start method

Does anyone else see the irony in this? So you have the same 42 seconds to offer, but you want to give it to her in seven six-second portions! Good luck with that. She would not like it that much if she is just about to have that big O moment and you have to stop.

Stuff That “Sorta” Works For PE

  • Pull and squeeze method

This is perhaps the most common fix you will get online for PE. I personally tried this, and it doesn’t work on me at all. If I am about to erupt, there is no stopping me! Sure it might work for you, but it’s just selfish. You get to enjoy longer sex, but she will never reach her climax if you keep stopping mid-way to squeeze! That said, and to give all credit its due, it is a good way to progressively learn to go for longer, after all, success is in inches not miles.

  • Not concentrating on the act

Of course, if you take your mind off the act and act as if you are not interested, you are likely to last longer but don’t think your partner won’t notice this. If she reflects your energy she will never come and you will never be able to make her happy, no don’t do it!

Natural ways to combat premature ejaculation

  • PC Muscle exercises

Also known as Kegels, these pinching exercises can actually help you quadruple your time. At first, they sound like some really easy fix but they ae not for the faint hearted either. Learning how to kegel properly takes time, patience and practice but once you do, you can dry orgasm all you want.

  • Foreplay

Guys, let’s not forget what the primary objective is. If you can get her to finish before you do, it doesn’t matter how short your time is. And that is what many men don’t grasp, the art of foreplay. Touching all the right buttons will reduce the time of action that it takes to set off her time bomb.

  • Ejaculation control training

You can train yourself to have the mindset and performance of a long-laster. You just make up your mind to go for longer and with time and practice you could find you can go long enough for her.

  • Dry orgasms

Again the only way you can learn how to dry orgasm is by learning how to use the kegel pinch exercises. You use this to stop the ejaculation and not the orgasm as the two are mutually exclusive just simultaneous.

Unnatural ways to fix premature ejaculation

Below are also some artificial solutions that you might want to try. Safety of these is not guaranteed, and unless you have a prescription or recommendation from your physician, they would not be my first choice. Of course, you can use regular condoms without a prescription! lol

So yes, you’re not alone, and you can beat it because I have done it. For a long time, in the beginning, I used to find myself unable to satisfy a woman in bed, and this made me shy away from sexual encounters. I began to do shots and even get stoned before the act to boost my performance thinking I just wasn’t strong enough or something. But over time I learned to master the art of dry orgasm, and since then my orgasm has never marked the end of my race. Sadly, not everyone can do this easily and what worked for me might not work for you reading this.

For a small percentage of men, corrective surgery is the only way to help with their problem. But before you go under the knife it wouldn’t hurt to try some of these techniques patiently until you’re sure it’s not working.

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