Foods To Eat Before Sex

Sex is such an amazing thing that it almost defines our happiness. So, have you ever thought that maybe what you eat could affect your performance in bed? How would you like to learn what to eat just before you have sex to make you last longer in bed? The following are some of the best foods to eat just before you do it to make sure that this time you come second and defeat your premature ejaculation problem. How about that huh? Sounds good, doesn’t it? Alright then, let’s do it!

Best foods to prep you to last longer in bed:

Generally, all kinds of nuts are good for you a few hours before sex. They should provide the energy you need to keep moving, so you are not too tired. Also, almonds, in particular, contain certain elements that act as sexual stimulant and fertility. A good share of the same should help you make some passionate love to someone you care about.

A watermelon will keep you hydrated in case things get a little more than steamy in the bedroom.

Ginger, whether eaten in other meal or chewed on its own can provide a good feeling before you make love. It will help with your digestion so that you are not all bloated during the act.

What foods can you eat to last longer in bed?Red is the color to go with when you want to turn up the heat. As men, we respond to visuals and studies have shown that red lights up a man’s brains like fireworks. A Recent study at the University of California has shown that strawberries increase your sperm count. Besides strawberries and dark chocolate are the ideal romantic foods to have before sex. Women love them.

Chocolate is a romantic food rich in taste and aroma that makes it the ideal food to have just before sex to get your partner in the mood. Works like a charm, it could even make women more sensitive to touch and sexual intercourse.

This food has been in use as an arousal aid for centuries, and if you can get your hands on some, it could benefit your boner. These boost your libido on the spot but are also good for long-term sexual health benefits as they help boost your libido over time.

This special fruit will help detox any sodium you had at dinner and can help create a more relaxed and less formal atmosphere. Just about everyone enjoys the semi-sweet taste of a banana, plus it does not ruin your breath or cause gas.

If your sex life is not totally ideal though, don’t worry. No one has the totally perfect sex life that everyone craves, we all have good times, but life can get frustrating when you as a man cannot satisfy her completely. You try your best, but you just keep coming one minute too early, or are you a 42-second champion? Premature ejaculation sucks because in this race, whoever comes last wins.

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