Desensitized Creams, Do They Really Work?


You have probably heard how effective desensitizing creams are in delaying your ejaculation and you are here to ascertain the claims and also to find out whether the cream is for you. Yes, delay creams have been in use for quite some time now, and they can be effective to last longer during sex. Even so, as to whether they are your miracle for completely getting rid of premature ejaculation, we will let you be the judge of that.

Is the delay cream for you?


If I use desensitizing crean will it cure premature ejaculation?We have the facts and of course a final verdict but whether or not you can really benefit from delay cream depends on the person. Not because they don’t work for some people, no, but because of other factors that relate to the application of creams and also the extent of your problem. Here we look at the pros and cons of desensitizing creams to help you decide if they might suit you.

How Do Desensitized Creams Work?

Desensitizing creams contain an anesthetic that numbs the penis reducing sensation. With reduced sensation, you are less likely to blow your load sooner that you want.

Merits Of Using Desensitizing Creams To Prolong Sex And Treat PE

  • Easy hassle free fix

This could as well be the most effective and yet one of the easiest fixes for premature ejaculation to apply. All you need is to apply some of the cream before you get it in and you are all set for a long, long climb. If you do your research well, you will find that if you do not want to use a condom, this might be the only other easy fix you can use to effectively last longer during sex.

  • Can stay in the bedroom

The cream is convenient because you can just leave it home and uses it on special occasions and you don’t have to use it when you’re not having sex. This takes away the hassle of having to prepare for sex when you’re not even sure you’re going to get laid. Ok, maybe you can just have cream nearby, but that’s it.

  • Safe to use

These creams are generally safe for use and should not be a problem for your health. Usually, the symptoms just wear out after some time, and you do not need to use anything else to counter their effect. Benzocaine and lidocaine are the main anesthetics used in these creams and are safe for most of us. In fact, they are also the ingredients present in stamina condoms like Stud 100. Even so, you should check to ensure that you’re not allergic to the contents of the topical anesthetic.

  • You don’t need a prescription

Desensitizing creams and sprays can legally be bought and used without a prescription because they are generally safe and for external use. But you should still be careful to first just try a little of each product to make sure you are not allergic before using it. The fact that you do not need a physician to prescribe these for you does not mean you shouldn’t consult with yours first.

  • Sure way to go for longer

The one thing that you can be sure about with desensitized creams for PE is that they do work. Unlike some torturous exercises and some weird secret formula from the Far East, this actually makes sense. If you sprained your ankle, you would use a numbing agent to kill the pain, right? In the same way, you can reduce the sensation in the part of your dick that’s most likely to make you come sooner. The only downside is that with the reduced sensitivity you might lose some your enjoyment.

Possible Side Effects And Problems Of Using Desensitizing Creams

  • May cause you to lose your erection

People react differently to different numbing creams, and sometimes you may end up losing your erection to too much numbing. If you cannot maintain an erection for long enough, then, needless to say, that will be your worst sexual encounter ever!

  • Reduced sensation

The whole point of making sex longer is so you and your partner can enjoy the act for longer, right? Be honest with yourself, is losing a part of the enjoyment really a sacrifice you’re willing to take?

  • May numb partner

If any of this stuff actually touches your partner and you rub it in, which is bound to follow shortly after transfer, their sex experience is now also officially ruined. They will think you suck in bed anyway because they weren’t really feeling it.

  • Embarrassing

Picture the scenario where you have the woman who for most of your life you could only dream of having right there waiting for you and now you’re hiding in the bathroom numbing your penis! Men, you don’t want that, it can do things to your ego you know.

  • Not a long term fix

As you may have already pictured, this is not a long term solution for your PE problem. It might work for you once or twice to get out of a tricky situation, but unless you are planning to use this stuff for the rest of your sexual life, you should probably look for other solutions.


Final Verdict: Desensitizing Creams Are Useful In Controlling PE

Finally, it is indisputable that creams are useful and efficient as a temporary fix for premature ejaculation. They do what they are made to do, and therefore they are not a scam. The issue is that they may not be the perfect long-term solution to premature ejaculation you were looking for. If you have control and anxiety issues, the cream cannot totally fix that. The answers you seek lie in your mind. That said, creams will give you a quick taste of victory and that can be an important stepping stone on your journey to a healthier sex life.


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