How I Solved The Problem Of Premature Ejaculation For Myself Without Using Dangerous Pills Or Creams.

Hi guys,

My name is Mike Doolan, I’m a regular single guy, originally from Arkansas, recently relocated and now settling into life in the big apple. I’ve always loved baseball and have just adopted the Yankees as my own! I always try to make time to watch their games and enjoy a cold beer or two (any good craft beer).

One thing I’ve noticed since moving to the city my dating options have definitely increased, I mean there just seems to be great looking girls everywhere you look here!  I’ve certainly been on a few dates recently, but have to admit I discovered not everything has been going exactly according to plan in the bedroom department?

So I decided to put this site together to share some of my own journey going through the pressures and sometimes embarrassment of having an issue with premature ejaculation.

The different things that I tried when looking for a solution.

The methods and products which I found did help a little and those that were just a flat waste of my time and money!

Did I finally find a solution? Well, yes for me I did, but it’s probably not one that you were thinking of!

Good luck and see you on the other side.