5 Helpful Tips On How To Last Longer In Bed

By Mike Doolan / September 2, 2016

Sex is a very important component of any intimate relationship. If either partner feels less than satisfied, this could ultimately lead to other relationship problems like cheating or even a breakup. One of the most common issues facing many couples today is premature ejaculation.

While in the early stages of a new sexual relationship, a man may not even realize that he is ejaculating prematurely. As the excitement of these fresh encounters will naturally lead to a high level of arousement. When more settled down in a longer term relationship, this problem may become quite apparent.

Having a premature ejaculation does not mean a man suffers from erectile dysfunction. It only means that he ejaculates very quickly, usually within a minute to two minutes from the start of lovemaking. He finishes his act before his partner has achieved an orgasm.

Premature ejaculation can spoil a night of lovemaking and even ruin the whole mood of the experience. It can lead to feelings of low self-esteem that you may have disappointed your partner. Lovemaking is supposed to be a stress relieving after all. So if you’re spending the whole time worrying about how to delay your climax, you’re bound to find sex less enjoyable and fulfilling.

5 Helpful Tips On How To Last Longer In BedEnjoy the benefits of longer lasting sex

The following are a few helpful “old-school” style tips of methods to help you boost your sexual stamina and last longer:

Be selfless in bed if you want to make sex last longer

It’s important that you be considerate when making love to your partner. Do not always put your sexual pleasure first. Remember that your partner needs to be sexually satisfied as well. Many women fake orgasms to please their partners. However, the reality is that she did not get a real orgasm. To change this situation you don’t need to take pills or other medication. Every man in a caring relationship desires to have sex for a long time and so give pleasure to and sexually satisfy his woman.

Unhurried foreplay is very important and should aim to arouse a woman’s mind as well as the most erogenous zones of her body. Setting the stage for her to reach a high sense of arousal. Concentrate not only on stimulating her most obvious areas of breasts, clitoris and vagina, but also her neck, ears, feet and inner thighs. After initial penetration, do not thrust too deep or too hard at first, a shallow, regular thrust will allow you more ejaculatory control.

 Masturbate longer to increase your sexual stamina

It’s beneficial that you learn to masturbate for longer periods of time.  Ensure that each masturbation session is more than 15 minutes. Using this method you should keep masturbating until you reach the point of no return for greater sexual stamina and ejaculatory control. Closing your eyes at the same time and visualizing your woman achieving a mind blowing orgasm will help you focus too!

Muscle building exercises for longer sex

You will, of course, appreciate that sex is more physically demanding for men than women. During sexual intercourse, men typically use their core, arms, and buttocks to power most of the thrusts. This clearly is as good a reason as any to keep in shape and build those muscles. It’s beneficial to begin weight lifting to exercise your muscles. Some of the weight lifting routines that can help you build your stamina include leg extensions, squats, hip abduction, dips, biceps and so on. These exercises will help you boost your strength during lovemaking.

Another important tip may be to try doing  regular Kegel exercises. This can help you tighten the muscle that controls ejaculation.  The benefit of this technique goes beyond lasting longer in bed. You will realize that after spending a few weeks practicing Kegels, you’ll gain more ejaculatory control and be able to enjoy having sex for longer periods.

Develop Breathe control and Tantric Sex Benefits

Most men, I think it’s safe to say usually have no clue about the power of using a correct method of deep breathing. It’s important that you take deep breaths during lovemaking. Deep breathing when you are having sex can help you have more control over your ejaculation. Ensuring that you don’t get overstimulated too easily, and therefore helping you to last longer during lovemaking. You should also try closing your eyes and taking deep breaths for four counts, hold for eight counts and then release for four counts, then hold for four counts and breathe in for four more counts, continue and keep practicing. This technique is loosely based on the ancient Eastern mystical Tantra method and benefits not only your sexual stamina but also removes much of the stress in your mind.

Slowing your sexual rhythm

Managing speed and depth of penetration is one of the fundamental strategies that can help a man to last longer in bed. It’s vital that you pace your stroke. By slowing your stroke, you will do much more than just prolonging your ejaculation. This simple tip will make sex much more enjoyable for your partner too. You will notice that slowing down your lovemaking can also give your partner the chance to savor her experience more. Try a few different positions to achieve maximum clitoral and vaginal stimulation. In the beginning, it’s best to go slow then increase the speed of your thrusts and ideally pace your climax to arrive on her own.

Most partners typically have a lot of expectations before sexual intercourse. However, if your lover realizes that you normally have premature ejaculation, she may lose interest in you and find a secret partner or perhaps buy a vibrator so that she can achieve her desired state of climax. As a starting point try the above 5 tips for lasting longer in bed naturally and start enjoying the benefits of achieving longer lasting sex.


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