How do cock rings work?

Hey man, so you want to hype you romping experience or what? Have ou ever experienced premature ejaculation? Ok, so I’m sure you have heard about cock rings, right? Ever wondered how do cock rings work to make sure you improve your stamina and last longer in bed so she always comes first? Ok, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here, let rewind a little bit and investigate what a cock ring is and more importantly what is not and how to use one to make you go harder for longer, so it is a happy ending for everyone, for real this time dude. Ok now that we all agree that harder for longer equals joy for everyone come let’s explore what these pleasure rings have to offer and how to add it to our arsenal to combat premature ejaculation.

What is a cock ring and can it help me last longer?

A cock ring otherwise known as a love ring or penis ring is a trapping mechanism used on the penis to restrict blood flow for a harder erection that enables men to beat premature ejaculation and last longer in bed. It is not safe to assume that everyone has heard of, seen or safely used one of these before and so as a precautionary measure here is what it is.
While any device used to restrict blood flow from your cock is technically a cock ring, you might want to consider using only approved and safe products here. I mean, it is not like you have an extra dick lying around somewhere in your closet. Serious y’all things could get real ugly real fast. So, for your health and safety, the ring should be a well-tested item passed for use as a sex toy and the right size too.

Safety first!

Here I will make this as easy for you as possible so you can remember at all times. Here is a list of things you must never forget when using a cock ring to last longer in bed, enjoy your sex life without worrying about premature ejaculation.

• Fit comes before fabric
• Larger is better.
• Lube helps rings come off
• No more than 30 minutes
• Take it slow,
• Ice shrinks things

Size matters

With penis rings, size is safety, comfort, and performance. There is no contest for who can pick the largest dick choker so you should probably establish your actual size in numeric values before buying one of these. Ok, maybe if you are going for the elastic types you get to pass. With these cool toys, the fit is all that matters. So if you want to get you a ring that is going to help you control you PE problem, you need to find one tailored to your junk size. Not too small as that will cause a great deal of pain or worse complications yet not too larger as that would make it ineffective. It seems like you need a tape measure man.

Measuring for the cock ring

At this juncture, I will give you the same advice that I was given a few years back. I was told to stick to rings made of flexible materials and those with adjustable diameters. Now, needless to say, I didn’t heed that advice, and you probably won’t either so here goes. Don’t get me wrong, flexible and adjustable rings work like a charm. It’s just that I’m the curious type. So anyway, here is how to measure your cork diameter accurate, as close the true value as possible.
• Get a tape measure
• Get an erection
• Wrap the tape measure around the base of your manhood
• Divide value obtained by Pi (I’m serious man, divide the value by 3.142)
• Round off upward. Larger is better remember?

How long can we play?

A cock ring should be worn only for less than thirty minutes as a rule of thumbs. After that, you need to rest for another hour before using it again. Who said all the action has to stop?
What about condoms
Whether or not to put a condom on a ring or vice versa depends on the kind of ring you are using. If it is rigid then surely it goes on first before you are hard. Whichever the case, you should apply plenty of lubricants to avoid friction between the two amidst all the action.

Bonus Cock ring tips

• Works better after a warm shower, cold not so much.
I think it is pretty obvious that your new ring toy will work for you better when your body temperature has just risen and all the veins exposed.
• Add vibration
If you are even more adventurous, you can explore something more… well, vibrant. Yes, there are rings that can do that. Yeah, you should have one of those. But as a beginner you should probably start with the regular kind, you know if you are all for the being normal and stuff. But if you are one of those guys who learned how to swim by jumping into the deep end, be my guest.

When you are ready to blow, unleash.

Most guys will agree that the moment you lose that ring is a mind blower and if you just happen to cum just a few moments after that, which you will, it’s life changing.
• You might want to get a trim
Yeah, umm, one more thing, you might wanna give your pubes a trim. Surely you don’t want them getting entangles as the big monster struggles to break its shackle, or do you?

Take your pleasure ring for a spin before the big game

You simply cannot risk going into battle with an unproven weapon. Masturbating with your ring will help you determine whether or not it is the right size and feel for you.
Whether you decide to go with a ring that goes around your shaft or one that tags your balls along, the best type of ring to buy is the one that feels right in the action. Unfortunately, there are limited ways to tell which the best ring to help you combat premature ejaculation is without trying a few. What works for me might not be what you are after and vice versa. Consumer reviews might help a bit but just go with what catches your eye. Who knows, maybe you’ll find the one that helps you last longer in bed at the first trial.

Foods That Work Like Viagra

Do you have a hard time climaxing but you don’t want to result to using Viagra? Have you thought that maybe your change of diet is what has led to the sudden loss of interest in making love to your partner? Well, whatever the change in lifestyle that has robbed you of your sexual prowess you will be pleased to know that you can last longer in bed by eating your way back into tip top shape for great sex.
Ready? Here are the not so new wonder products that you should include in your meals as often as you need for better sexual performance.

Green leafy vegetables are the go-to source for most essential vitamins. They make great sources of both fatty acids and vitamins like E, B5, and B6 which help in balancing your hormones for a more pleasurable sexual experience.

Pumpkin seeds, soybeans, flaxseeds, chickpeas to name but a few, help increase testosterone in addition to providing rare fatty acids like omega-3 and zinc also useful for your sex hormone production.

Fish and oysters have one thing in common besides their natural habitat, and that is their invaluable supply of rare minerals that can better your sex drive. Omega-3 fatty acids help with your metabolism and boost your dopamine hormone production which in turn lights up your brain like fireworks.

Nuts provide you with not only the energy to last longer in bed but also fatty acids that are essential to the making of key sexual hormones. Almonds, walnuts, pistachios you name them.

Certain natural spices like chili pepper, red chilies and ginger help with blood circulation and could help with premature ejaculation problems and also improve your sex.

Chocolate is not only a romantic food for your sex life but also a vital source of phenethylamine an agent that enables us to feel every sensation better. In women, it has been linked with relaxation and more pleasurable sexual encounters.

Among other useful benefits, honey will provide you with boron which is essential for you body to make use of estrogen. For ladies, estrogen is the basic sex hormone.

Whole grains
These increase testosterone levels in your blood are prepping you for sex. A great way to boost your libido would be to consume whole grains like oat straw at least three days in a very week.

Not so much on the breath part but yes garlic is a great way to improve your sex drive and become the sexually satisfied mammal you were meant to be. Like all other natural ingredients, it doesn’t work like a miracle, but you will feel the improvement little by little over time.

The term good sex is relative and depends on how well you maintain your body for the occasion. By eating high stamina foods like nuts, you can be able to control premature ejaculation once and for all the natural way. Sure, they will always invent new wonder drugs like Viagra, but nothing compares to the health benefits of eating well.

The Better Orgasm Diet

Hey guys, the saying you are what you could not have been coined better. Man, what a cliché, I know, right? Well, I did believe it at first but I now it now for sure. The better orgasm diet thing actually works. Well, it does not exactly supercharge you like Viagra, but it actually helps combat premature ejaculation from the roots up.

Can this diet help me last longer?

The good thing about the better orgasm diet is that you can be sure that you’re making healthier choices for your body so you can last longer in bed, remain healthy and happy and enjoy your sex life more. You know maybe it’s just me, but seriously, you should try this type of diet sometime.

You are about to discover your greatest climax in all of your big gushes but first, you have to hit the grocery store so here is a list of things you should pick up, all organic.

• Honey
• Vegies
• Nuts and seeds
• Grain
• Eggs
• Chocolate

Oh, wait a minute! But I already have those items in my kitchen and garden! But bro, just having them is not enough. You have actually to eat them for this diet to work. And not just eat them, you have to eat them right.

Honey will provide you with a rare mineral boron which replenishes testosterone hormone, which you need whether man or woman even though the name suggests otherwise, to promote sex drive.

Veggies and nuts all provide essential fatty acids that are broken down in your body to produce cholesterol. Whoa! Cholesterol! Omg! No cause for alarm, cholesterol is good. Ever tried getting it up and stay up after a full week on a non-fat diet? Cholesterol is actually the very foundation of all important sex hormones without which you will not be able to last longer in bed.
In addition to many other vitamins, many green leafy veggies like kales will provide you with the vital supply of zinc to guard against overproduction of the prolactin hormone which can cause sexual disorders.

Grains like an oatmeal add to your libido by directly incrementing your testosterone levels while eggs add to your vitamin B6 and B5 which help balance your hormones. Other foods like carrots spinach and peas can provide B6 as well.

Chocolate has the magical ability to get you in the mood, but that’s not all. It contains methylxanthines which help us feel every nerve impulse better. That plus the great taste and smell. It is truly one food you don’t wanna leave out of your love life.

In a nutshell, if you want to come better, eat better. Go organic for a change and eat whole foods and more stuff straight from the farm to your plate. You will find that you will have all the energy and endurance you need to sustain a lengthy romp session with happy endings for you and your partner. If there is a path to greater sexual satisfaction and beating premature ejaculation, then it surely begins right here, right now, with the better orgasm diet

Foods To Eat Before Sex

Sex is such an amazing thing that it almost defines our happiness. So, have you ever thought that maybe what you eat could affect your performance in bed? How would you like to learn what to eat just before you have sex to make you last longer in bed? The following are some of the best foods to eat just before you do it to make sure that this time you come second and defeat your premature ejaculation problem. How about that huh? Sounds good, doesn’t it? Alright then, let’s do it!

Best foods to prep you to last longer in bed:

Generally, all kinds of nuts are good for you a few hours before sex. They should provide the energy you need to keep moving, so you are not too tired. Also, almonds, in particular, contain certain elements that act as sexual stimulant and fertility. A good share of the same should help you make some passionate love to someone you care about.

A watermelon will keep you hydrated in case things get a little more than steamy in the bedroom.

Ginger, whether eaten in other meal or chewed on its own can provide a good feeling before you make love. It will help with your digestion so that you are not all bloated during the act.

What foods can you eat to last longer in bed?Red is the color to go with when you want to turn up the heat. As men, we respond to visuals and studies have shown that red lights up a man’s brains like fireworks. A Recent study at the University of California has shown that strawberries increase your sperm count. Besides strawberries and dark chocolate are the ideal romantic foods to have before sex. Women love them.

Chocolate is a romantic food rich in taste and aroma that makes it the ideal food to have just before sex to get your partner in the mood. Works like a charm, it could even make women more sensitive to touch and sexual intercourse.

This food has been in use as an arousal aid for centuries, and if you can get your hands on some, it could benefit your boner. These boost your libido on the spot but are also good for long-term sexual health benefits as they help boost your libido over time.

This special fruit will help detox any sodium you had at dinner and can help create a more relaxed and less formal atmosphere. Just about everyone enjoys the semi-sweet taste of a banana, plus it does not ruin your breath or cause gas.

If your sex life is not totally ideal though, don’t worry. No one has the totally perfect sex life that everyone craves, we all have good times, but life can get frustrating when you as a man cannot satisfy her completely. You try your best, but you just keep coming one minute too early, or are you a 42-second champion? Premature ejaculation sucks because in this race, whoever comes last wins.

Exercises to Help You Last Longer in Bed


If sex simply doesn’t last as long as you and your partner would like, you aren’t alone.  The fact is that almost 50% of men finish in two minutes or less.  Fortunately, there are exercises to help you last longer in bed, whether you are struggling with premature ejaculation or just lose control.  So, how can I be so sure these exercises work?  Well, I’m not ashamed to admit that finishing before my partner even got started is a problem that I have dealt with in the past.

Lasting Longer In Bed – What Will Work For You?

When looking for ways to improve how long I lasted in bed, I stumbled upon quite a few exercises…some seemed legit and some were nothing short of ridiculous.  After a long period of trying various exercises in different combinations, I finally hit upon a set of exercises that actually work.Exercises to help tou last longer in bed


So before you go buying products like desensitizing creams or even viagra for treating premature ejaculation issues, try some more natural exercises. Here’s everything you need to know about the different exercises you can do that will not only lengthen how long you last in bed but will also enhance both you and your partner’s level of sexual satisfaction.


  1. Push-ups

A strong upper body is crucial for a more exciting and longer lasting time when engaging in any positions where you’ll be on top.  Keeping the balls of your feet flat on the floor and your hands slightly beyond the width of your shoulders, lower yourself until your chest almost touches the ground.  Then, slowly raise yourself back into the starting position.


Three sets of 15-20 push-ups, four times a week was all I needed to put an end to my shaking arms and cracking joints, which I realized was part of the reason I didn’t last very long in bed.


  1. Kegels

Regardless of what you may have heard, kegels aren’t just for women.  They are especially effective for men struggling with premature ejaculation.  Plus, I noticed stronger and firmer erections after doing them for several weeks.  Best of all, they are simple and no one knows you are doing them.  Just contract your PC (pubococcygeus) muscle (the one you can use to stop the flow of urine midstream).  Squeeze and hold the muscle for 5 seconds, then relax.


For the best results, do at least one set of 10 Kegels, three times a day.  For even better results, do them more often.


  1. Planks

Planks help you develop resistance that enhances your duration, while also working to strengthen your core muscles.  Just get down on all fours, just like the position you get into to do push-ups.  Now, use your forearms to support all your weight, while making sure to keep your back as straight as possible.


Instead of focusing on the number of sets you do, the goal is to hold the position as long as you can.


  1. Crunches

Crunches help create strong abdominal muscles, which not only can help you last longer, but also can create amazing sensations during sex that both you and your partner will appreciate.  Lie down on your back and bend your knees.  Cross your hands over the front of your chest and lift your body.


Make an effort to do three sets of 15, at least four times a week for the maximum results.

5. Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises help you stay relaxed and keep your level of arousal under control.  Plus, focusing on your breathing works to distract you from the sexual, physical stimuli your body is feeling.  From your diaphragm, take semi-deep breaths that last anywhere from 3 to 6 seconds.  Then, every 30 to 60 seconds, hold your breath for 3 to 6 seconds.  The concentration it takes to do these breathing exercises will definitely help you improve how long you last in bed.


If you are not currently satisfied with how long you last in bed and/ or your overall sexual performance, do yourself a favor and incorporate the exercises above into your daily routine.  You’ll be sure to reap the rewards in the bedroom.





Desensitized Creams, Do They Really Work?


You have probably heard how effective desensitizing creams are in delaying your ejaculation and you are here to ascertain the claims and also to find out whether the cream is for you. Yes, delay creams have been in use for quite some time now, and they can be effective to last longer during sex. Even so, as to whether they are your miracle for completely getting rid of premature ejaculation, we will let you be the judge of that.

Is the delay cream for you?


If I use desensitizing crean will it cure premature ejaculation?We have the facts and of course a final verdict but whether or not you can really benefit from delay cream depends on the person. Not because they don’t work for some people, no, but because of other factors that relate to the application of creams and also the extent of your problem. Here we look at the pros and cons of desensitizing creams to help you decide if they might suit you.

How Do Desensitized Creams Work?

Desensitizing creams contain an anesthetic that numbs the penis reducing sensation. With reduced sensation, you are less likely to blow your load sooner that you want.

Merits Of Using Desensitizing Creams To Prolong Sex And Treat PE

  • Easy hassle free fix

This could as well be the most effective and yet one of the easiest fixes for premature ejaculation to apply. All you need is to apply some of the cream before you get it in and you are all set for a long, long climb. If you do your research well, you will find that if you do not want to use a condom, this might be the only other easy fix you can use to effectively last longer during sex.

  • Can stay in the bedroom

The cream is convenient because you can just leave it home and uses it on special occasions and you don’t have to use it when you’re not having sex. This takes away the hassle of having to prepare for sex when you’re not even sure you’re going to get laid. Ok, maybe you can just have cream nearby, but that’s it.

  • Safe to use

These creams are generally safe for use and should not be a problem for your health. Usually, the symptoms just wear out after some time, and you do not need to use anything else to counter their effect. Benzocaine and lidocaine are the main anesthetics used in these creams and are safe for most of us. In fact, they are also the ingredients present in stamina condoms like Stud 100. Even so, you should check to ensure that you’re not allergic to the contents of the topical anesthetic.

  • You don’t need a prescription

Desensitizing creams and sprays can legally be bought and used without a prescription because they are generally safe and for external use. But you should still be careful to first just try a little of each product to make sure you are not allergic before using it. The fact that you do not need a physician to prescribe these for you does not mean you shouldn’t consult with yours first.

  • Sure way to go for longer

The one thing that you can be sure about with desensitized creams for PE is that they do work. Unlike some torturous exercises and some weird secret formula from the Far East, this actually makes sense. If you sprained your ankle, you would use a numbing agent to kill the pain, right? In the same way, you can reduce the sensation in the part of your dick that’s most likely to make you come sooner. The only downside is that with the reduced sensitivity you might lose some your enjoyment.

Possible Side Effects And Problems Of Using Desensitizing Creams

  • May cause you to lose your erection

People react differently to different numbing creams, and sometimes you may end up losing your erection to too much numbing. If you cannot maintain an erection for long enough, then, needless to say, that will be your worst sexual encounter ever!

  • Reduced sensation

The whole point of making sex longer is so you and your partner can enjoy the act for longer, right? Be honest with yourself, is losing a part of the enjoyment really a sacrifice you’re willing to take?

  • May numb partner

If any of this stuff actually touches your partner and you rub it in, which is bound to follow shortly after transfer, their sex experience is now also officially ruined. They will think you suck in bed anyway because they weren’t really feeling it.

  • Embarrassing

Picture the scenario where you have the woman who for most of your life you could only dream of having right there waiting for you and now you’re hiding in the bathroom numbing your penis! Men, you don’t want that, it can do things to your ego you know.

  • Not a long term fix

As you may have already pictured, this is not a long term solution for your PE problem. It might work for you once or twice to get out of a tricky situation, but unless you are planning to use this stuff for the rest of your sexual life, you should probably look for other solutions.


Final Verdict: Desensitizing Creams Are Useful In Controlling PE

Finally, it is indisputable that creams are useful and efficient as a temporary fix for premature ejaculation. They do what they are made to do, and therefore they are not a scam. The issue is that they may not be the perfect long-term solution to premature ejaculation you were looking for. If you have control and anxiety issues, the cream cannot totally fix that. The answers you seek lie in your mind. That said, creams will give you a quick taste of victory and that can be an important stepping stone on your journey to a healthier sex life.


How To Last Longer During Sex


Do you blow your load too soon too often? Would you like to learn how to defeat the premature ejaculation demon forever without having to do some crazy shit? First of all, dude! You are not alone in this! About 30% of all men will not last long enough to get her to comes first as she should. A whopping 80% of all men have experience PE at some point in life, which is like all of us anyway.

So sometimes when I hang out with my cool buddies, we talk about how long we lasted the last time, and we laugh at how short the average of 1.5-7 minutes is but deep down we all know that amongst the five of us at least one of us is secretly suffering from this problem. It is no wonder the term “how to last longer in bed” is one of the most commonly searched terms on Google, Bing and the like.

My curiosity lead me to investigate this matter in depth after having a heated discussion with my buddies that left me with more questions than answers. And seeing as it is my nature to hate what I do not understand, I left no stone unturned in pursuit of answers as to what techniques or weird products actually help with PE. I quickly discovered, that there is stuff that won’t work (I tried this stuff out), there is stuff that sort of works but beats the purpose, and there is stuff that actually works and should work for most men too. There are a million sources with all these solutions. The question is what works and what doesn’t?

Stuff I Found Didn’t work For PE

Here are two most common pieces of advice that men will give you and swear by them and why they make no sense.

  • Ejaculating right before sex

Doing so will only ruin your sex experience. Some guys will not even be able to get it up again for a while and maintaining a full erection for a pleasurable experience for your woman may prove difficult. What’s more, there is no proven correlation between when you last came and how fast you blow your load.

  • Stop and start method

Does anyone else see the irony in this? So you have the same 42 seconds to offer, but you want to give it to her in seven six-second portions! Good luck with that. She would not like it that much if she is just about to have that big O moment and you have to stop.

Stuff That “Sorta” Works For PE

  • Pull and squeeze method

This is perhaps the most common fix you will get online for PE. I personally tried this, and it doesn’t work on me at all. If I am about to erupt, there is no stopping me! Sure it might work for you, but it’s just selfish. You get to enjoy longer sex, but she will never reach her climax if you keep stopping mid-way to squeeze! That said, and to give all credit its due, it is a good way to progressively learn to go for longer, after all, success is in inches not miles.

  • Not concentrating on the act

Of course, if you take your mind off the act and act as if you are not interested, you are likely to last longer but don’t think your partner won’t notice this. If she reflects your energy she will never come and you will never be able to make her happy, no don’t do it!

Natural ways to combat premature ejaculation

  • PC Muscle exercises

Also known as Kegels, these pinching exercises can actually help you quadruple your time. At first, they sound like some really easy fix but they ae not for the faint hearted either. Learning how to kegel properly takes time, patience and practice but once you do, you can dry orgasm all you want.

  • Foreplay

Guys, let’s not forget what the primary objective is. If you can get her to finish before you do, it doesn’t matter how short your time is. And that is what many men don’t grasp, the art of foreplay. Touching all the right buttons will reduce the time of action that it takes to set off her time bomb.

  • Ejaculation control training

You can train yourself to have the mindset and performance of a long-laster. You just make up your mind to go for longer and with time and practice you could find you can go long enough for her.

  • Dry orgasms

Again the only way you can learn how to dry orgasm is by learning how to use the kegel pinch exercises. You use this to stop the ejaculation and not the orgasm as the two are mutually exclusive just simultaneous.

Unnatural ways to fix premature ejaculation

Below are also some artificial solutions that you might want to try. Safety of these is not guaranteed, and unless you have a prescription or recommendation from your physician, they would not be my first choice. Of course, you can use regular condoms without a prescription! lol

So yes, you’re not alone, and you can beat it because I have done it. For a long time, in the beginning, I used to find myself unable to satisfy a woman in bed, and this made me shy away from sexual encounters. I began to do shots and even get stoned before the act to boost my performance thinking I just wasn’t strong enough or something. But over time I learned to master the art of dry orgasm, and since then my orgasm has never marked the end of my race. Sadly, not everyone can do this easily and what worked for me might not work for you reading this.

For a small percentage of men, corrective surgery is the only way to help with their problem. But before you go under the knife it wouldn’t hurt to try some of these techniques patiently until you’re sure it’s not working.

Does Viagra Make You Last Longer?

So, lately, me and the boys have been talking a lot about a time when we hang out, and last weekend this guy suggests that Viagra could actually help one go harder for longer. The silence that followed showed how much deficiency of intelligence in that area existed and personally I don’t like things I don’t know. So anyway, it got me thinking, Viagra does not reduce my time, and so what does it do. Could it work to help persons who are below-average long-lasters like me?

Viagra Will It Help With PE Issues?

I set out to investigate what Viagra really is, what it is intended for and if among its sided effects was to delay the big O moment. I cannot claim to be an expert I the field now or that I employed a classical scientific method in my research, but I did get useful information among all the gibberish that you see online nowadays.Will taking viagra make me last longer in bed?

So anyway, that’s mainly where I found the information below plus I had another chat with my work buddies later that week. No, I did not exactly have them fill out questionnaires but other than gloat, men can actually give away an amazing amount of information on their sex life without truth serum. If you really have no time to trace back Viagra to its roots, you can simply read the pros and cons of using it as regards to using it for premature ejaculation. Otherwise, here is what Viagra is and what is used for.



Viagra is a drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction from Pfizer. Viagra belongs to the class of substances referred to as PDE -5 inhibitors ad was only discovered accidentally while scientists were trying to come up with a new medication to help with blood flow.  Now it is used with a doctor’s prescription or with an online doctor service prescription to treat ED, and some use it without ED to improve their sexual performance.

Viagra For Premature Ejaculation

Men, we will do anything, we are willing and committed to trying out anything with the hope of increasing our time. We have tried out various exercises to treat premature ejaculation. Rings that restrain blood flow out of the penis, clearly that too didn’t t work out so well. And now, Viagra, a drug.

The little blue magic pill is well known the world over for its ability to boost performance in bed. Some swear by its ability to help them last longer during sex. there might be truth to it because once you take one of these, maintaining a full erection should not be one of your greatest worries.

Scientists found that there was a correlation between use of the Viagra drug and lasting longer during sex, but there was no way of being certain that the men tested went longer solely because of use of Viagra.

Personally, I think that if it is something you want you’re going to give it a try anyway regardless of what scientists think. You’re just gathering the courage to do it, and as it would appear, the coast is clear. Viagra is usually considered safe provided you take the correct amount, and you are not allergic to it. The results may not be the desired ones but how bad can it be, besides, if you don’t try you will never know, right?


Pros And Cons Of Using Viagra For Treating Premature Ejaculation

Looking for a solution for premature ejaculation?As with anything in this world, however effective or ineffective, there are pros and cons to using Viagra as means of trying to come after she comes. The effects of Viagra vary greatly depending on users, and therefore this may or may not apply to you directly. The only way to tell for sure if Viagra will help you with PE is to try out a little of it several times and see if it helps.

On the pro side, Viagra will at least help you to get it up many times within a short period so even if it’s all rise and fall; it’s a win for you. Some people also claim to be able to improve their time with Viagra considerably. As for me, my time remains the same with or without and if anything, I found that it is likely to make me come sooner.

On the con side, Viagra is a prescription drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction ED and is not intended to help you last longer. The fact that we are here talking about it shows just how far men are willing to go to prolong their sex.

Final Verdict: Sexual Stamina Is Mental For Most Guys

Easy to say, sexual stamina is only mental for most of us. With just your mind you can double maybe quadruple your time. Resulting to drugs like Viagra may not be your wisest move yet. As evident above, Viagra was not even made for PE, and your physician is unlikely to recommend it for the treatment of this issue. If you do try out Viagra, there is a small chance that it will help you achieve your goal to last longer during sex but the odds are not in your favor. Chances are it might do just the opposite.

However, a man must do what a man must do. Maybe you have tried everything else to help you have sex for longer periods, and that didn’t work so you are wondering if Viagra might help. You can go ahead and try Viagra, maybe in your own way it might help improve your durability. And even if that fails, you are a man you can handle it. On the plus side, the collateral damage is manageable, trying not to come sooner that you would like, is so much more fun on Viagra when you are not worried about how much longer you can keep it up.


Why can’t I last longer in bed?


Every man out there wants to claim that they have the most extended romp sessions but the fact is that your five minutes is more like 42.5 seconds in reality. And she is not happy my man, no she is not pleased. In fact, our greatest fear is not coming too early as we all have done once or repeatedly, but to be a disappointment, so she regrets taking off her pants in your honor.

Why can’t I last longer in bed?

So every guy that is quietly struggling with PE must surely keep asking the question, why me? So here are some of the reasons why you might be coming way too soon. Are you perhaps even the source and cause of your PE troubles? Let’s take a closer look and see if we can find out what you’re doing wrong and find some answers to your premature ejaculation issues.

Who needs foreplay?


Dude, you mean to say you just literally dive in? Too bad you miss all the fun parts, and in the end, you still end up frustrated. Just take your time the next time, it will do her a world of good. You can get her places with just your finger or head, so when you are finally thrusting, which you can wait to do, she is already all warmed up for you and ready to come sooner.

And for those of us men who have something against foreplay, you should know that it’s actually the natural thing to do. I mean, you don’t just go entering places, you let her now you’re on your way and really prepare her while she anticipates that moment. Yeah sure, sometimes you and your partner can be so horny; your foreplay is like two seals dancing but that alright, getting your bodies hot is the whole point.

But what is PE and how soon is too early?

Don’t be like most guys who forget the definition of what they are struggling with, PE. Premature ejaculation is coming before when you would like to, so your PE is relative. If you come sooner than she did and you didn’t intend to, then it is PE, but if you really wanted to leave her hanging just one minute away from her moment, then it is not PE. The thing is if you can get her to come before you do, the end justifies the means. If you can find out how to last long during sex you know you’re onto a winner!

Do you do exercises to last longer in bed?

As with any other athletic performance, your sex track record can be improved at the gym or wherever as long as you do some specific exercises. By now you have probably heard of Kegels and a ton of other exercises that can help you last longer during sex. But do you care to do them? No. Because it is easier said than done.

I’m not going to stand here and judge you for not being able to persistently doing the pinching exercises at the office. Damn! Those suckers!  But then no pain, no gain! And if you want to do better in bed, there is no exception, no free passes; you have to work your PC muscle.

General body fitness by doing pelvic lifts, push-ups, groin stretches, abdominal crunches, reverse crunches, lunges, and bent over rows should help you gain better control of your body, get stronger for all sex positions and build endurance which is what most men lack.

In short, you realize that lasting longer in bed exercises take practice. And because nothing comes easy, one of the best ways to prepare and improve your stamina and experience may be to sweat some at the gym!

Are you unwilling to try artificial solutions for premature ejaculation?

Ok, you win; it would take an army to get you into a gym. Fine, there are some safe solutions for PE for lazy people like you and I. One of the simplest to try is a regular condom. The rubber will reduce the pleasure a notch and let you go for longer without being overwhelmed. Others include endurance condoms and those with desensitizing cream or local anesthetics like those found in lidocaine or benzocaine condoms. Have you tried some of these?

There are desensitizing creams that can numb your penis and help you go for longer. Most of these agents are safe for use and scary as it may seem they just wear out by themselves eventually, so there is no danger of losing feeling in your manhood forever. They may not be the best permanent fixes for the long term, but they can come in handy to help stop premature ejaculation.

Is PE a product of your thoughts?

Easy to say- it’s all in your head! If you’re the one that allows your sprinkler to come perhaps you just haven’t learned to master the art of controlling it. It might take some time, and you may never perfect the art, but that shouldn’t deter you from trying. In fact, no one is perfect. Even the best of men at dry cumming have lost their cool and came one moment too soon. That doesn’t make you any less of a man; it just means you should keep persevering to go for longer.

Do not try some of those weird tricks where you are supposed to ignore the pleasure and act as if you are not interested in the sex, which destroys your partner’s moods.

Final thoughts on why you can’t last longer during sex

Unless you are among the less that 2% of men that require corrective surgery to deal with premature ejaculation, you can definitely improve your staying power. I have found my solution in the simple things. I’m not saying its easy guys, I’m saying it is possible.

How Your Woman Really Feels About You Cumming Too Soon…… A Woman’s Viewpoint


I can assure you that most women want to enjoy longer sex with their man, not premature ejaculation.

PE is often an embarrassing situation, where shortly after sex begins, it comes to an end, which is disappointing after just a few breathless gasps and orgasmic spasms. To top it all off, men who do not know how to last long in bed will almost certainly frustrate their woman sexually.


Have you ever stopped to consider how your woman really feels about you cumming too soon? Well, premature ejaculation denies a woman the chance to fully enjoy sex and worse still is that she doesn’t get to reach her orgasm. Often with these frustrations, a woman will probably not talk about it to her partner. Though she may perhaps, talk about it in low tones later with her friends.Learning how to last longer in bed


To make matters worse, men often do not seek help to solve this problem. Premature ejaculation can eventually lead a relationship into serious trouble.

So why is it that women also hate talking about premature ejaculation.

It’s in a women’s nature to avoid fully opening up about sex with their partner. To a woman, sex is a deeply sensitive topic, and they don’t wish to offend their man. Perhaps this is one of the main reasons why many women go to the extent of faking orgasms. From a women’s viewpoint, talking about premature ejaculation is a tricky subject, and one most women would probably rather avoid.

Why is this?

  • A man’s ego is at stake.

Women are well aware of how much a man’s ego means to him, especially when it comes to sex. Risking making a man feel less in bed can strain any relationship. Often if a man’s ego is at stake, a woman will prefer to keep quiet.


  • Men can think a woman is cheating on them.

When a woman brings up the topic of premature ejaculation to their partner, the man may suspect that she has been with another who she feels is better than him. If she tells her man that he is not lasting long enough in bed? What will he think? Well, I’ll tell you, you can find yourself between a rock and a hard place, trying to explain how much you have been faithful to him. To avoid being accused of infidelity, women will just let the problem slip off.


  • It’s embarrassing.

Telling a man that he has premature ejaculation is one thing that women find embarrassing to do. Letting a man think that he is the best in bed allows him to walk with his head held high. Embarrassing your man is not something a woman wants to do. Probably this is the reason why most women will lie and say that everything is okay if ever asked about the topic.


  • A woman hopes that her partner will change.

Most women will think that the problem is temporary and hope that it will change. Others even think that their partner will realize they have a problem and address the issue themselves. Let’s be honest, if you are a man, and you notice that you take two or even fewer minutes to ejaculate, that should raise a concern for you. Often a woman will assume that their partner is aware of their situation.

For other women, they will think that it was one of those low days or maybe you were tired or having a bad day and think that it will be better next time.


  • Fear of the unknown.

According to a recent University of Zurich study on premature ejaculation most women will avoid talking about the issue directly as they do not know what their partner will do, or how they will react. Some men will end up looking for other partners to try out and see if the problem is with them. Losing a partner to another woman is not easy.


  • Most men will not admit they have a problem.

Most men are naturally reluctant to admit that they might have a problem in lasting longer in the bedroom. In most cases, they will avoid the issue or even tell the woman that she is the problem. It can end up being a blame game on who is not doing what right!


  • To avoid putting pressure on their partner.

Many women find it difficult to tell their partners about their premature ejaculation issue, knowing it can put pressure on their man to do more and try harder. To a man, it can appear as if they are not being appreciated for their efforts and only that their woman is focussing too much on the negative side.


Sex is such a sensitive issue, and many women will shy away from telling their partners about premature ejaculation. But not telling them is not going to help in the long run. A woman will continue to suffer from sexual dissatisfaction for as long as her partner suffers from premature ejaculation. Keeping silent is not the best idea in the long term. We should aim to discuss tactfully with our partner, how we really feel about the issue of premature ejaculation in our relationship, so we can seek a solution together.



























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